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for game industry

  • Advertising
  • Content delivery
  • Business proccesses automation
  • Digital rights management
  • Payments
  • Data tracking and analitycs
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tools for game developers

Protocol One is a stack of technical and business solutions designed to bring together existing video game platforms, stores, banks and traffic providers.


Open specification for sharing information about video games, players, and digital distribution objects.

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Simple and easy-to-use open-source launcher for PC games. Both to launch one game or a full-scale platform with a large portfolio.

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WYSIWYG tool for creating cross-browser adaptive landing pages for the sale or pre-order of digital goods.

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The complex multilevel security system for MMO games. Thetta uses analytical tools and proactive mechanisms to prevent the use of cheat programs.

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Payments processing with minimal losses and costs due to high conversion, low commission and minimization of labour costs related to integration and maintenance.

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Authorization via social networks, gaming platforms, the native or mobile application as simple as possible.

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Uttu is an open analytical and marketing platform for collecting and analyzing data, supporting end-to-end users attribution with data enrichment from external sources, forecast services and automation tools

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One tool for all your digital rights management needs. Keystreaming, regional prices, royalty reports, all-platform release, unified SDK.

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How video game localization works and how much it costs in 2018 (part 4)

A must-read for the developers aiming at distributing their games worldwide.

Dude, Where’s My Money? Bundles, Funds and Crowdfunding (part 3)

The third part of Protocol One CTO’s first-hand story about the brutal realities of today’s games distribution sheds a light upon bundles sales, foundations and crowdfunding for game development.

Dude, Where’s My Money? Or “Divvying up the Loot” (part 2)

The second part of Protocol One CTO’s story about drawbacks of today’s game developer’s routine spotlights the peculiarities of Steam page design, community engagement, 3rd party distribution, etc.

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