AuthOne is an open source authentication and authorization service. We believe that the
developers do not have to waste weeks and months of their time to build authentication and
data storage services of their own. Creating a custom authentication service providing
sufficient scalability, flexibility, ease of use and administration is a complex and highly
expensive task.

Why use AuthOne?

We want to make integration of authorization via social networks, gaming platforms, native
or mobile application as simple as possible.

AuthOne will be useful to you, if:

      ● You do not want or cannot implement your own authentication solution, taking care of
resetting passwords, creating users and their accounts within applications, blocking,
deleting, filtering spam, preventing bruteforcing of passwords and developing
administration interfaces to handle it all.
      ● Your application or API requires OAuth or JWT authentication.
      ● You have a lot of applications and websites, and you need a Single Sign-On.
      ● You need a flexible frontend and the ability to customize the behavior and external
forms for authorization and registration.
      ● You want to authorize users with one-time codes sent via SMS and e-mail instead of
a password
      ● You need a service that meets the requirements of GDPR, COPPA, FZ-153 and
other laws concerning the storage of personal data.
      ● You need proactive protection against DDoS attacks and automated blocking of IP
addresses responsible for multiple failed authorization attempts.
      ● You want to block accounts or reset passwords if the user’s credentials have been
compromised on a public resource.