Cord Game Launcher Toolkit

Cord is a simple and easy-to-use open-source launcher for PC games. We focused on
stability and speed of the application, as well as ease of support and adapting to the needs
of each developer. Cord can be used to launch one game or a full-scale platform with a large
number of games.

Key features:

     ● Analytics. All user behavior data is available out-of-the-box in Google Analytics or
     ● Stability. The launcher runs on PC with Microsoft Windows, Apple with MacOS, or
Linux with a minimal amount of resources does not conflict with antiviruses and is
updated regularly.
     ● Suitable for everything. Cord can be used to install and update P2P/F2P PC
games, create game directories and platforms, or launch Flash browser games.
     ● Saving on CDN. The launcher supports hybrid download and update of games using
HTTP, P2P Torrent protocol (TCP + UDP) and binary patching.
     ● Out-of-the-box security. Cord supports integration with Thetta Anticheat
out-of-the-box. The publisher gets protection for all games launched in the Cord
without the need to integrate a protection system into each game or involve game
     ● Pass-through authorization. A user authorized on the web page will be
automatically authorized in the loaded Cord launcher.
     ● Interacting with the audience. Cord allows you to display advertisements,
announcements, maintenance and update notifications, and news.