Open Game Data Exchange

Many developers are familiar with HTML tags and various micro markup formats that are
used to add meta information to web pages. There are no specifications and standards for
the exchange of meta information about games that would automate the process of adding
and updating such data on a large number of platforms.

A number of platforms allow you to update and add such information using special
administration panels, but most receive and update such information unsystematically —
using e-mail or other means of communication. A separate platform provides an API and
mechanisms to obtain such information is generally not public.

Publishers and developers perform routine work on adding and synchronizing information to
various platforms, stores, portals and forums dedicated to games. Data consumers use data
scraping / grabbing to obtain such information directly from web pages.

Existing, JSON-LD, RDFa structure to exchange information about the games is
well documented, is simple, but can be effectively used for S2S exchange information:

    ● Focused on micro HTML markup.
    ● Do not contain all the necessary information
    ● Not designed for data exchange that requires localization
    ● Use an approach with a large number of meta information in the properties and
assumptions associated with the property type.

This specification and implementation aims to create a simple, understandable and
a user-friendly format in which companies and people who create, sell and talk about games
could automate the exchange of information between their websites and APIs.