Payment solution Pay One

Pay One is an open source service for accepting payments, which includes: a flexibly
customizable payment form, a set of integration protocols, a management interface, and
statistics tools.

Our mission is to give developers, publishers, platforms, and stores an opportunity to accept
payments with minimal losses and costs due to high conversion, low commission and
minimization of labor costs related to integration and maintenance.

Our solution is a part of Protocol One IaaS, it is actively used in Storefront constructor. Pay One
can be installed as a component on a Protocol One-independent system, employing its own
hardware or cloud platform.

Key features:

      ● Speed and ease of integration. Integrating payment acceptance through Pay One into
your website is really easy. To install the widget on the page you only have to insert a
single line of code. Integration tests are automated. KYC procedure and signing of a
standard-form contract on payment acceptance occur within a few days. Electronic
signature can be used.
      ● Operation speed. We believe that fast loading of the payment form is one of the most
important factors for a good paying conversion. The approaches and technical solutions
used in Pay One allow you to load a payment form very quickly, minimizing the wait on
the side of the end user.
      ● Accepting payments from users all over the world. Pay One supports all payment
methods necessary to accept payments from users anywhere in the world. Any
combination of jurisdictions of the rights holder, card issuer and your company is
possible (we cannot guarantee operation in areas where financial transactions are
limited by international sanctions).
      ● High transaction completion percentage with minimal fraud. We work with the
most innovative suppliers of anti-fraud solutions. Our goal is, on the one hand, to
maximize the difficulty of processing suspicious payments, and on the other, to minimize
the number of necessary confirmations when making a payment for a bona fide user.
      ● Transparency of the legal system. The money received from Pay One go with all the
necessary documents for your bank.
      ● VAT payment. Pay One specialists are well versed in all the nuances of VAT payment in
all relevant jurisdictions. We assume the role of an agent and give a comprehensive,
understandable and transparent report on all tax payments.
      ● Fast withdrawal. A Pay One merchant may request a payout at any time without
needing to wait till the end of an accounting period. The hold period between the arrival
of funds and their activation for withdrawal is no more than 7 days.
      ● Customization. The visual style of the payment form can be customized at integration.
The layout and the order of the fields and screens can be flexibly configured in the
merchant’s account for every project independently.
      ● Localization and region-specific features. The look of the payment form and the
selection of final payment methods can be independently configured for each country or
region. We support third-party developers and use best practices for different regions in
Pay One.
      ● Keeping up with local legislation. We will help you to avoid breaking local laws by not
allowing users to pay for products that are illegal in their region (for example, loot boxes
in Belgium).
      ● Open source code. Our payment solution has an open source code. You can deploy a
similar solution on your hardware. In this case, you will be free from commissions or any
other payments to Pay One.
      ● Low commissions. We work with banks and other financial institutions directly. This
direct cooperation allows us to reduce commissions. A large number of merchants in the
system will help you get the best conditions thanks to monthly payment volumes. With
this, the commission of the Pay One platform itself is minimal.
      ● Detailed statistics and clear reports. Pay One includes all the necessary tools for
managing and monitoring user payments. In case you want to create more complex
reports or use an external BI system for reports, we have Data API.
      ● Transparent payout calculation principles. Pay One reports contain complete,
detailed payout information for each transaction.
      ● Integration with other components of the Protocol One ecosystem. As part of the
Protocol One ecosystem, Pay One exchanges data with other components based on
Open GDE. This allows you to take advantage of personalization mechanisms for
fine-tuning the interface, common storage of saved payment details for different
merchants, regional prices and personal Qilin discounts.