Ptah toolkit for self-publishing

Ptah is a WYSIWYG tool for creating cross-browser adaptive landing pages for the sale or
pre-order of digital goods.

Our mission is to enable marketers and designers to independently launch landing pages
with high purchase conversions.

Our solution is part of Protocol One IaaS and has an open source code, which allows it to be
used independently of Protocol One, deploying the necessary infrastructure on your own

Key features:

      ● Speed. The page response and loading speed is an extremely important factor that
affects conversions. For example, a website that takes more than three seconds to
load loses 40% of visitors, and each second of delay in page response can result in a
7% reduction in conversions. When developing Ptah, we selected technological
solutions where speed was a matter of high priority. The storage of images and
videos on Ptah hosting server is also optimized for maximum response speed.
      ● Ease of use. Our solution is aimed primarily at non-technical specialists. You will
have all the necessary tools to create an impressive landing page that works
correctly on different devices and in different browsers, and opens and responds
quickly. You won’t have to write a single line of code.
      ● High-quality templates. Ptah has a library of templates that is constantly updated
with the help of the community. These templates are ranked according to their
effectiveness in different regions and for different types of products. The ranking is
based, among all, on analyzing the effectiveness of other users’ pages with similar
      ● Flexible customization. If necessary, you can easily integrate your code into the
page created in Ptah, for example, if interaction with your server is required or you
want to implement non-standard user mechanics.
      ● Localization. When a user opens your page, you can set the content to be
automatically displayed in the right language for their region.
      ● Simple integration of analytics systems. You can set up Google Analytics events
and goals in the graphical interface directly in the Ptah builder. In-depth integration
with Uttu is just a couple of clicks away.
      ● Hosting. As part of the SaaS model, you can use our hosting without the need to
rent or configure hosting hardware.
      ● SEO. Search engine optimization of your page is easily and conveniently configured
in the graphical interface. We monitor all changes to the search engine guidelines, so
that your landing pages stay optimized for high ranking.
      ● Open source code. Our builder has open source code. You can use our cloud
solution within the SaaS model, or deploy a similar solution on your own or rented
hardware. Our solution includes the best open practices of the community based on
our code.
      ● Protocol One. Integration with all Protocol One components is executed from a
graphical interface. Uttu is used for analytics, A/B testing and correct localization of
the page. Pay One is an out-of-the-box solution for accepting payments. With Qilin
integration, you can use dynamic storefronts.