Anti-fraud solution Thetta

Thetta is a modern, proven solution for protecting games against cheats and fraud.

Cheating is an issue that can ruin an entire game. It can spoil matches, distort the in-game economy, and even cause players to lose interest in the product as a whole. Thetta is a multi-tiered
security system that uses analytical tools and proactive mechanisms to prevent the use of cheat programs.

— Checks the integrity of the executable code and data.
— Uses markers that prevent unauthorized actions.
— Protects process memory.
— Prevents changes to system libraries and functions.
— Prevents the program from being run in a virtual OS.
— Prevents the use of debugging software.
— Monitors the data installed on the disk.
— Filters user input.
— Uses net traffic encryption to protect against interception
and modification.
— Ability to limit distribution and launching of the game
through copy and modification protection (DRM)
using AuthSDK.