customer data analytical platform Uttu

Uttu is an open analytical and marketing platform for collecting and analyzing data,
supporting end-to-end users attribution with data enrichment from external sources and
forecast services. Uttu allows to automate marketing and to build flexible scenarios for active
interaction with the audience.

Uttu is supplied with open source code under the Apache 2.0 license. The platform can be
installed free of charge, and used either on the owner’s hardware or within a cloud.

The Protocol One ecosystem provides a “Glutton Uttu” cloud solution of its own, using the
SAAS model. Additional information concerning differences in installations can be found in
the “Glutton Uttu” section.

Uttu is capable of:

       ● Giving instant answers to tough questions to users lacking technical education,
based on raw data and in real time. No sampling and delays in incoming data.
       ● Collecting and processing data for cross-domain, cross-channel tracking on the web,
desktop, mobile applications and games.
       ● Building any kind of slices based on selected data. There are no restrictions on the
amount of event and metric parameters in Uttu.
       ● Automatically enriching data from external sources and storing a 360° profile in one
       ● Easily integrating data with one’s own CRM or e-commerce solution.
       ● Collecting full-cycle data from web pages to in-game user behavior, so that the
analyst can directly connect the channels the users came from to their behavior.
       ● Segmenting visitors to determine their interests, preferences and behavioral patterns;
gathering users into cohorts.
       ● Calculating the optimal way to interact with the user and sending data in real-time to
browser, where it can be used to make decisions.
       ● Using machine data analysis and predictors to find patterns in a large amount of

The Open Game Data Exchange format is used to facilitate data exchange pertaining to
games and the audience, and interaction between the participants.